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Channapatna Lacquered & Turned Wooden Stacking Toy

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A joy to behold, this wood turned stacking toy, brought to you by Q Bazaar has been carefully crafted by artisans in the region of Channapatna, Karnataka. This town is renowned for its stunning display of wooden artistry and for making products that are famed for their sturdy wooden structure and finish. The craft of wood turning is hundreds of years old. A skilled artisan fixes a rough-hewn circular block of wrightia tinctoria wood at the head of the traditional lathe machine and hammers it in place by hand. The machine begins whirring as the artisan introduces a hand-held chisel to the block, and applies varying degrees of pressure to sculpt a desired shape and to smoothen the edges. Then carefully holding a lacquer stick, the surface is coated with practised circular strokes. The heat ensuing from the lathe in motion gently melts the lacquer stick, dyeing the wood. This process is repeated multiple times to move from one color to another and the result is a transformed, vibrant medley of colors. A rough piece of canvas cloth is then used for a final polish. These rural artisans persevere to keep this craft alive despite stiff competition

Color : Multicolor

Production Method : Wood Turning

Material Description : Wood

Size (L x B x H) : 3 x 3 x 8 Inches

Weight : 200 grams

Care Description : Use a slightly damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the wood

Disclaimer : This offering has been made from wood and touts a rustic aesthetic. Irregularities in color and grain structure are part of the handmade charm. These attributes lend a unique flavor to the offering, making it exclusive

Pack Contents : 1 Toy