3D LED Illuminated Wooden World Map Birdywing™-0 3D LED Illuminated Wooden World Map Birdywing™-0

3D LED Illuminated Wooden World Map Birdywing™

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Illuminate the World of Interiors – 3D LED Illuminated Wooden World Map!

Exclusive Decoration for your Home!

If you are looking for an original decoration that will enrich the atmosphere of your home, then our Wooden World Map Illuminated LED 3D will meet your expectations. This unique decoration will not only delight you with its unique beauty, but will also add a unique character to your interior, becoming its integral element.

3D World Map – Exceptional Details and Beauty of Wood.

Our unique 3D world map is the quintessence of wood beauty and precise details. Made of the highest quality wood, it consists of three layers, on which the borders of countries and their capitals are faithfully reproduced. It is not only a unique work of art, but also an educational tool that invites you to a fascinating journey through different corners of the world.

The map has been brought to life by backlighting with high-quality RGB LED tape, offering countless lighting possibilities. You can choose from a variety of colors, including warm white or cool light, to customize the atmosphere to suit your mood and interior. Controlling the lighting is incredibly easy – you can do it with our intuitive app or the elegant remote control.


Color: Rosewood