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Wassup & Welcome to the FairDistrict Blog... Being our first entry, it is only right that we start by telling you everything about us. Let's go.... First things first, What...

Wassup & Welcome to the FairDistrict Blog...

Being our first entry, it is only right that we start by telling you everything about us. Let's go....

First things first,

What is FairDistrict?

FairDistrict is THE only marketplace in the world, for doer's™. 

Doer's? A do'er can be described as any of the following...

  • A do'er is someone who does - #notalking #noexcuses
  • A do'er is someone who engages passionately in their interests
  • A do'er lives passionately

FairDistrict is the most comprehensive interest-driven marketplace in the world. It is a place to explore super-cool and interesting items; we invite you to show up, ready to explore our various catalogs in-anticipation of superb finds, interests that you never thought you had, and unique items that you never even thought you needed. We guarantee you'll checkout the happiest customer in the world.

Who are we?

FairDistrict is powered by a company of doer’s, with the sole purpose of helping our users live passionately. We practice what we preach and are an active network of purpose-driven enthusiasts. We’re a company of vloggers, travelers, adventurers, athletes, creators, musicians, professionals, writers, artists, activists, etc.

Our mission?

FairDistrict was created as a response to the number 1 crisis facing millennials in today's world - Depression & Suicide. According to recent data, approximately 36% of young millennials face depression, and as of 2022, suicide became the leading cause of death amongst millennials. Furthermore, studies show that one of the primary causes of depression & suicide is a 'lack of purpose and structure'; purpose is the corner-stone of every existence, nothing is created for no reason, there’s an intended use for every creation, including humans. The mind drives the human - It is the software that drives the human being, so when the mind isn’t being utilized on purpose, it self-selects a purpose and drives the human crazy. So, to keep the mind in check, we must engage the mind ‘you guessed it’ - on purpose. And this is where FairDistrict comes in…

The ‘purpose’ of FairDistrict is to promote or inject ‘purpose’ & passionate-existence into the lives of our users, starting with this one-of-a-kind marketplace. The intension here is to encourage, educate, and provision any & all interests that our users could ever be interested in. We’re on a lifelong journey to creating the happiest community of doer's in the world. Stay tuned - this is just the beginning…

How does it work?

FairDistrict is not your typical boring e-commerce store; as a matter of fact, it is the most comprehensive interest-driven marketplace in the world; in other words, to get the most out of FairDistrict, we strongly encourage you to shop based on your interests. Our store catalog is split into 4 main categories.

Category 1: Shop based on your interest. This category is split into 12 sub-categories - Athletes, Adventurers, Animal Lovers, Creatives, Christians, Foodies, Health & Wellness, Hobbyist, Professionals, R&R, Socialites

Category 2 & 3: Here you will have access to the most progressive and diverse fashion items for men & women - From exquisite watches, to yuppie bracelets, to kick-a$$ sneakers, and slick-a$$ shoes. Not to mention the apparel we've got... you'll just have to see for yourself.

Category 4: Find everyday home, furniture, and electronic items, in this exciting and full-of-surprises catalogue.

Why us?

1. To discover the coolest, most inspiring, and unique things that fit your interests like a glove.

2. Because we’re the most comprehensive interest-driven marketplace on the planet.

3. We practice what we preach - Our marketplace is actually curated, designed, and operated by a real-life network of doer’s.


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Thanks for reading, 

See you next week.



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