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Valeton Bass Guitar Amp with Chorus Distortion Overdrive Asphalt Pedal Platform Amplifier Head with CAB

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Bass Practice Amp? 


See that question mark? It means that it's a bass amp, but way more than just a practice amp. You might let the size fool you. But trust me this little fella is legit. It has 20w of pure analog power. The range of EQ is wide enough for you to shape your bass tone to anything you like, from Motown era vintage p-bass low mid thing to modern day super ultra fat low-end stuff. It does it all!


A Guitar Hack!


As you know, many bass amps were originally designed for the bass and then recognized as a guitar thing. Think about Bassman. TAR-20B is no stranger to that.  I tried my Strat on it one time. It blew my mind. I mentioned the EQ range above, but haven't said anything about the GAIN. The GAIN circuit is wired to emulate the classic SVT style tone. But with the combination of GAIN and EQ, magic happens. You can the tonal characters of a lot of vintage amps. Twin, Tweed, JTM, AC 30, JC 120,  the list goes on and on.


Keep It Light 


The TAR-20B is designed to be compact and light-weighted so that you can put it in the gig bag and grab it on a go. But we added a little CAB SIM and headphone jack and AUX IN jack. So you can plug your instrument in and put your headphone on, then play anywhere and anytime, with any backing tracks you want. Not only it weights light, but also you can keep the volume light.


Other Features 


TAR-20B has a chorus circuit in it for you to expand your sonic dimension. And as any bass guitar amps out there, it has an FX Loop for you to add additional effects in it. And it has a 4/8 Ohms compatible speaker output.




  • Power:18V DC center negative (power adapter included0; 

  • Current Consumption: 1500mA; 

  • Dimensions: 180mm(D) x 95mm(W) x 35mm(H); 

  • Weight:816g; 

  • EQ:LOW: 70 Hz/MID: 800Hz/HIGH: 3.5kHz, ±9dB boost/cut range Max.; 

  • Output Power:20 watts 


Package Include

  •  1 x pedal

  •  1 x user manual

  •  1 x 18V DC power adapter