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True Byapss AB Box Line Selector Effects Pedal

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Sonic ABY is a tiny, sturdy, dual-mode, True Bypass ABY switcher for flexible signal routing.

With the magical design you can feed your guitar signal to two amps, connect two instruments to the same amp, A/B signal route switching, and many more. 

Get connected with amps, pedals, instruments – You decide!    

It also comes with a heavy duty metal footswitch, work status LED and Aluminum-alloy die cast casing to withstand wear and tear. Road ready.


  • Power: DC 9v center negative(not included)

  • Current consumption: 12mA

  • Dimension: 93.5mm(D)×42mm(W)×52mm(H)

  • Weight: 228.7g

Package included: 

1 x pedal