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Tamara Earrings

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Say bonjour to our French-Inspired Tamara Earrings, fun C-shaped Stainless Steel Pair! These earrings are the epitome of chic, blending the cold wind twisted design with an advanced geometric silhouette for a sophisticated flair.

Crafted for the modern woman, these earrings are a conversation starter. Their unique shape adds a twist to any outfit, instantly elevating your style quotient. So whether you're heading to a meeting, a brunch, or a night out, these earrings will make sure you're the trendiest one there. Say oui to high fashion and let your earrings do the talking!

Mix & Match with the Tamara Ear Cuffs!

Height: 1.2" Length: 1.2" Width: 0.4"

Color: Gold