Footswitch Toppers w/ Transparent Clear Cap For Guitar Effects Pedal

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* Footswitch toppers made of plastic bumpers with standard 10mm footswitch topper. Good fit for all SONICAKE pedals and        most brands of pedal
* Transparent Clear Design which is great for Footswitches with Halo LEDs
* Improves switching Accuracy making pedal activation and deactivation effortless and more comfortable
* Just press hard to get it to fix on your guitar effects pedal footswitch. No other tools needed.Very Easy to use
* 20pcs Transparent Footswitch Toppers in a package

SONICAKE Transparent Clear Footswitch Toppers can fit most brand guitar effects pedal with standard 10mm.
Something magic will happen when you set it up on footswitches with halo LEDs.

External Diameter: 24mm
Inner Diameter: 10mm


Package include:


1 Pack (20 pcs cap)


Color: QST-02