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Classic British Stack Crunch| High Gain Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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SONICAKE Shark is a Triple-mode distortion guitar effects pedal, providing the classic, crushing hot rod Marshall stack crunch/distortion tone, which is rich, dynamic, and most importantly, like all the Marshalls, loud! True bypass, analog!

Flipping the toggle up, you get the NORMAL mode, which is a classic Marshall-stack rocking crunch tone, which basically define the sound of rock n' roll.

Keeping the toggle at middle, you get the MODERN mode, an edgier and more aggressive hi-gain tone, focused and with a little tighter low end, which is perfect for modern shredding and riffage.

Flipping it down, there is the CLASSIC mode, a vintage voicing, a bit less gain, designed to reproduce the tonal mojos all the old-time heroes, Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Blackmore… you name it.

Special design of LED indicated knobs shows the control of TONE and LEVEL, as well as the work state of the pedal; Heavy duty, black, metal casing.


Power: DC 9v center negative(not included)

Current consumption: 12mA

Dimension: 93.5mm(D)×42mm(W)×52mm(H)

Weight: 228.7g

Package Include:

1 x pedal

1 x user manual