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9V DC 1000mA Power Adapter for Guitar Pedals and Other 9V Electronic Devices

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SONICAKE 9V DC Power Adapter works perfectly fine with any device that requires tip negative 9V, minimizing or eliminating the need to change batteries. Also, it can be applied to power additional 9V tip negative guitar effects pedals.

  • Nothing bums you out when the pedal battery goes out juice during a gig. Especially when you are about to launch into a shredding solo. Trust me! Been there. With the 9V DC power adapter, you get your pedal powered directly, without any "sudden death" during a show

  •   The power adapter comes with a cable of 4.92 ft long, definitely long enough to reach wherever your stage power strip is.

  •   The power adapter has a center negative polarity, and automatically converts international voltages, with a maximum output of 1000mA, big enough to power more than 10 pedals. And it can also be used to power other 9V electronics other than pedals.


  • Length: 4.92 ft;

  • Weight: 90.8g

  • Color: Black

  • Center negative polarity, 9V DC

  • Current Consumption: 1A (max)

    Note: you could remark the plug type which you need, if you didn't we will match the corresponding correct plug before order departure.


Color: EU