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2Pcs Drumstick Control Clip Finger Ring

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Silicone drum stick grips, does not hurt hands after wearing it. Easy to install, different sizes for different drum sticks. Suitable for beginners to practice, more labor-saving, does not fall off.

To Help You Hold the Drumsticks Tightly: Beginners always have trouble holding drum sticks when practicing drumming. This drum stick grips is a good solution to this problems, it allows you to hold the sticks firmly, do not worry about the sticks will lose control, and provide a good pivot point for faster drumming.
Fancy Skills: This drum stick grips comes with a finger ring that fits everyone, allowing you to easily rotate the sticks, learn and practice some fancy drumming tricks, perfect for beginners and fancy drummers.
Comfortable and Quality Material: This drum stick grips is made of silicone and ABS, soft and flexible, your hands will not hurt or feel pain after using it for long hours of drumming practice. It allows you to practice your drumming skills for a long time.
Easy to Install and Remove: It is very easy to use and remove this drum stick grips, just slide it on and off from the end of the drum stick, and you can use it again and again.

Fitting Size: This drum stick grips comes in two models, 5# and 7#. 5# fits 5A,5B drumsticks and 7# fits 7A,7B drumsticks. 

Model: 5#, 7# (Optional)
Color: black and orange, black and white, black and grey, black (Optional)
Material: ABS, Silicone
Model: 5#, Applicable drumstick size range: 0.53inch-0.58inch(13.5mm-14.7mm), Applicable drumstick model: 5A, 5B drumsticks
Model: 7#, Applicable drumstick size range: 0.5inch-0.54inch(12.5mm-13.7mm), Applicable drumstick model: 7A, 7B drumsticks
Finger Ring Diameter: 2.3cm/0.91in
Drum Stick Grips Diameter: 1.2cm/0.47in
Drum Stick Grips Length: 3.2cm/1.26in
Item Weight: 16g / 0.56oz
Package Weight: 26g / 0.92oz
Package Size: 13 * 6.2 * 2.5cm / 5.12 * 2.44 * 0.98in

Package List:
2 * Drum Stick Grips


Color: White for 7A 7B