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FairDistrict - The Who, The What, And The Why.

The Who - Who Are We?

Haha!... kidding, but we’re definitely the most exciting new way to discover, share, buy & sell fashion!

How Come?

Because we are you-centric. We realize that everyone on this planet has a personality. A personality that is unique and always expressing itself through our different lifestyle choices. This is why your individual personality & lifestyle is the most important thing to us, and it is this understanding that sets us apart from the others.... 

No matter who you are or what you’re into, we’ve got the fashion lifestyle community that matches you, and the fashion style that fits you!

The What - What Is FairDistrict?

FairDistrict is the fashion place that gets you!

It’s obvious that your fashion style is a direct reflection of your lifestyle & personality, but there are no methods out there to shop fashion based on who you are and the activities you're into, and this is the very foundation of the FairDistrict way - With us, you buy from the likes of you; and you sell to the likes of you.

The Why?

As corny as it may sound, we’re here to make friends with you… yes, you!... reading this blog. We are here to form friendships based on fashion, fairness, community, fun, self exploration, self improvement, self discovery, and self expression.

What Is Our Mission?

To help our users form more healthy opinions about their bodies, selves, lifestyles, and other sources of self esteem... starting with fashion.
— Founder & CEO

Sounds exciting doesn't it? We're super excited to have you here and we don't want to lose you... so, please, join the movement by signing up @ www.fairdistrict.com, we'd love to keep you informed on our progress as our launch date is fast approaching. Also, we're granting a standing 30% off discount on your first transaction (valid immediately post launch)... please, look out for your confirmation in your email.

Got something on your mind? Shoot @ ravingfans@fairdistrict.com, or leave a comment below....

FairDistrict: Finally! A Fashion Place That Gets You... It's Only Fair!