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FairDistrict is a fun & energetic online social community and marketplace for cool fashion & lifestyle-things. It is where lifestyle-passionate individuals will come to buy, sell & discover the most inspiring things that fit their lifestyle. 

We believe that passionate people are the happiest people, and that is why we’re building a place where passionate people can thrive and support each other. We are a team of passionate musicians, artists, skateboarders, skier's, beach bums, globetrotters, campers, nerds, geeks, painters, backpackers, vloggers, bloggers, writers, socialites, fashionista’s - the list goes on. We understand the value of connecting with like-minded people, and the goal with FairDistrict is to serve as a platform where people with similar interests can connect, not only in commerce but also over their chosen endeavors. 

As a company, as is the name - fairness is the cornerstone of our existence. We will treat everyone with fairness - buyer, seller or partner. Our mission is to help our users live more passionately, and eventually be the leading social marketplace with the happiest users in the world.