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Ah, there you are...

Welcome to FairDistrict, the most exciting new way to discover, buy, sell and share "fashion & lifestyle things" that fit you.

Are you the famous #vintageallday shopper on Instagram?

Are you the artsy type, looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that express your true personality?

Are you that music festival junkie, that just LOVES the picking of an outfit just as much as the live music and good times?

Are you the street cat, looking for a stash of edgy pieces to show off your 'badass-ness'?

Or, are you the 'thrifty' kind, looking for one-of-a-kind bargains?

No need to answer... because, no matter who you are, we are the one-stop shop for everyone!

So, what is FairDistrict?

FairDistrict is the marketplace for people who are truly passionate about their lifestyle. It is the place where passionate people from all over the world come to buy, sell, and discover items that speak directly to who they are as “individuals”. In short, it is the fashion & lifestyle-things place that truly gets it’s users.

Our sole mission in life is to help our users live more passionately, by providing a platform that allows them to connect with other passionate people. Not only will users trade with each other, they will also get a community of like-minded people who are passionate about the same things that they are passionate about. Users will be able to trade ideas, fashion... everything from skateboards, to vinyl records, vintage cameras... you name it...
— Founder

We realize that everyone on this planet has a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is unique and always expressing itself through our different choices. This is why your individual personality & lifestyle is the most important thing to us, and this understanding is what sets us apart from the others... No matter who you are, or kind of lifestyle you're into - We've got a life-style community that fits you!

How It Works:

At FairDistrict, you buy from the likes of you...

Are you tired of being bombarded with a bunch of rags that you won't be caught dead wearing? We know that shopping in general can be an overwhelming process. Unlike the others, we aim to provide a unique, fresh and efficient environment that allows you to locate that fashion piece or thing, that captures the true essence of you at any point in time. You can't go wrong with us, because you'll be buying from people that are just like you.

Whether you're a trendy fashionista, a dapper dan, the casual dresser, the exotic international dresser, the vibrant hippie, the preppy type, the elegant dresser, the neighborhood boho, the Tomboy, the Biker Dude, the cool hiphop dresser, a retro-head searching for classic aviators, or a vintage camera - we've totally got your back, because at FairDistrict, there is a fashion & lifestyle community for everyone!

At FairDistrict, you sell to the likes of you...

Whether you're looking to recycle your wardrobe, go minimalist, inspire others with your unique style, sell international fashion, discover new fashion trends, socialize with your own tribe, or cash-in on your fashion & things investments, FairDistrict is definitely the place to be... because with us no matter your lifestyle & fashion sense, you will always have a ready, willing, and excited tribe, eager to purchase your item!

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

We're definitely excited, but we're mostly excited that you've come to check us out today, and that is why we're inviting you to join us on this groundbreaking journey. We'd love to update you on our progress as our launch date is fast approaching "to be announced shortly".

Just for stopping by, we're hereby offering you a standing 30% discount on your first transaction. Please, sign up now, so we can forward your confirmation to your email immediately.

Fashion shopping & reselling has never been more exciting... We promise!
— Founder

FairDistrict: Finally, A fashion place that gets you... It's Only Fair!